About Momcraft

Momcraft definition

Noun: a parenting technique that involves no clue:

Verb: To “momcraft” is to excel at making it up on the fly. Spend too much time on the internet and have boys who love Minecraft and to have not enough imagination to come up with a suitable alternative StarWars pun.

Hi y’all! I’m Emma! Pull up a chair, grab a coffee and make yourself at home. And welcome to my little corner of the Internet…

In addition to me, in our house, there’s my two boys, the hubby and our one-eyed pooch, Loki. I’m completely outnumbered! But I don’t mind-it has some advantages!

We moved to Texas from the UK in 2014 so there’s sure to be some talk about travel. Being an expat immigrant living in the US, I’ll share the ongoing exploits of our transatlantic experience.

We celebrate neurodiversity in our house. Autism and ADHD often feature in our conversations. Some of us have official diagnoses. Some of us should have!

Momcraft is my space to talk about my adventures in parenting and attempted adulting. The term “winging it” is usually an appropriate substitute for parenting and apparently blogging. Please bear with me as I try to get this organised.

What Do I Do?

I currently work with autistic kids and I love it.

I listen to a lot of music that my hubby deems appalling-country, Take That, 80’s. I also love a good cry at a movie or over Grey’s Anatomy-I’m still not over Dr Sloane.

I like baking but not dieting so I’m trying not to bake. I’m apparently very successful at the not dieting tho!

I blog and I know things. Usually film and TV quotes and other useless information.

Anyway, thank you for visiting. I hope you like my blog. Please subscribe if you do by clicking on them little blue circles on the left as honestly, it makes me smile and feel popular!

Feel free to leave a comment too. Stay safe.

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