Joshie’s gems of the week

At Outback on Thursday

Waitress: what side would you like? Fries? Sweet potato mash? Broccoli? Rice? 
Joshie: hmm? *Pause….. I dunno…i should choose the healthy option but I want the unhealthy….hmmm

Me: You like broccoli…why not have broccoli and fries?

Waitress: Erm…you can only have one

Joshie: Wait! What?? One fry? That’s not enough…maybe I’ll have the broccoli

Waitress: no…one side…lots of fries-I’ll make sure there’s lots

Joshie: phew! One fry may be healthy but I’m hungry


Still at the resaurant but out of nowhere

Josh: hmmm…I’d never bring my girlfriend here. I’d take her to Saltgrass.

Dad: Why? Do you have a girlfriend?

Joshie: no. But the tv’s are too distracting. I want to make sure I pay her my full attention. Saltgrass doesn’t have tv’s 😍

*the last time we went to Saltgrass, it was election night and Joshie was cheering and fistpumping cos he saw on their tv’s Hilary had won a state and thought it was the whole election…awkward in ruby red Texas 😄


Me and my boss talking after school…

Boss: well, it should…

Josh: uggghhhh! I knew it!

Me: Knew what Josh? What’s up?

Josh: you’re gonna have one of them long boring adult conversations again and I’m not gonna be able to talk

Me: erm, yes probably! But don’t be rude…what were you saying boss?

Boss: well I was just gonna say that we need…

Joshie: yup! I was right Told ya! Boring!

No promotion for me this year then 😄


Joshie’s doing his Duty to God award at scouts this week and has chosen to pray everyday to earn it…

Me: so how’s this praying working out for you? 

Joshie: erm…I dunno…I asked for good luck and I suppose I didn’t die when I choked on that steak in the restaurant…that was good luck right?

Methinks good luck would have meant he didn’t choke in the first place but hey ho…mysterious ways and all that 😇😈

Author: momcrafty

First off...I ain't no crafty person...if you've come for sewing tips, move along...nothing to see here. The occasional project for the kids where i tell them "to just hold it like that and people won't see that wonky bit". Altho maybe I am crafty in the "see if I can get the hubby to think it's his idea" sense. Yep! I'll admit I'm crafty there! But I am most definitely a Mom (and also a Mum as my eldest still prefers the English way to the American that my youngest has "toadally" embraced). And I love being their Mom! They are awesome kids. Chalk and cheese and peas in a pod! And they love bloody Minecraft. Building blocks, infinite possibilities, making mistakes but just starting again or trying a different way and a bit of fun altho I prefer good old country or 80's music to that soporific tune Minecraft drives me crazy with. Hence the clever pun. That and I couldn't think of a suitable Star Wars alternative.

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