Trying to keep the HOA happy

So we got our first warning from the HOA this week 😯 Our crime….leaving the bin out in view! Oh well…we knew the rules and it’s the first step on the slippery slope to Messyville if they don’t, I suppose. Luckily, we’d already made a start last weekend on tidying up the front garden so after today’s efforts in the ridiculously hot February weather, we’re shattered but confident the HOA will be disappointed they can’t write us up…unless we chose the wrong colour mulch of course!

31 bags of mulch later…Needs a couple more plants but mighty proud if achey

Kids need regular watering in this weather

Googling spiders to see if they’re poisonous…all manner of creepy crawly here…this was some orb spider-I’ve forgotten…orange and green (an irish immigrant?) and obviously not poisonous as I’d have not got near enough again for a bloody pic 😅

Edit: we may get fined after all…just got out the shower and noticed that thanks to the sunshine, I’m sporting a lovely red nose like Rudolph…the letter said keeping up christmas decorations beyond the holiday season was also a punishable offence 😯

Author: momcrafty

First off...I ain't no crafty person...if you've come for sewing tips, move along...nothing to see here. The occasional project for the kids where i tell them "to just hold it like that and people won't see that wonky bit". Altho maybe I am crafty in the "see if I can get the hubby to think it's his idea" sense. Yep! I'll admit I'm crafty there! But I am most definitely a Mom (and also a Mum as my eldest still prefers the English way to the American that my youngest has "toadally" embraced). And I love being their Mom! They are awesome kids. Chalk and cheese and peas in a pod! And they love bloody Minecraft. Building blocks, infinite possibilities, making mistakes but just starting again or trying a different way and a bit of fun altho I prefer good old country or 80's music to that soporific tune Minecraft drives me crazy with. Hence the clever pun. That and I couldn't think of a suitable Star Wars alternative.

One thought on “Trying to keep the HOA happy”

  1. Looks great Emma! I’m expecting a letter from the HOA any day soon because of the state of our garden. The frost we had a while back has turned everything brown and it looks a right mess. 😧 I really want to cut every thing down and I’m hopeful that it will grow back as I see signs of life, but am trying to hold out till all danger of frost has gone (not sure HOA will be so understanding though!)


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