The Times They are A Changing

Wishing all the kids, the teachers, the parents, the teacher parents and everyone involved all the very best for this new school year! Good luck y’all!

Working in a school, I’m so excited to be back (of a fashion) and to see the kids and get them back in a routine.

As a mom, I’m absolutely terrified. Nauseous and sad at the way things have to be done. I know online’s the only way at the minute but it still makes me anxious. I have one kid who will probably do just grand and one kid who will probably struggle.

My printer gave out last night which felt like an indication of the way forward. Doomed! That was my initial reaction. But then I just wrote out his timetable. It may not look perfectly professional like I’d intended but it does the job. It’s just temporary. Eventually, we’ll get a printer ink that works and normal service will resume. The new handwritten timetable isn’t ideal but it does the job. It was written with care in the hope it’ll cover the need. And now I keep telling myself, it’s just like the online school. A temporary adaption. Kids are great at adapting. I’m a bit slower…

The advantage to being a mom working in a school is I’ve seen how much the teachers care about how they’re going to adapt to this. How worried they are about reaching all the kids. I’ve seen how hard they’re working to make this temporary situation work for everyone. I know it’s not going to be perfect. There’s going to be issues. There’s going to be tears (I’m on my 3rd lot already today-junior high and high school was not meant to start like this!) But I keep telling myself it’s just temporary. Things may never quite be like how we used to do things but soon we’ll find a rhythm that we can dance to or at least side step shuffle.

Take care everyone! Everyone’s in the same boat but remember that analogy that’s been doing the rounds on my source of all things philosophical: Facebook…some boats are bigger, some are leaking so put your own life jacket on and then look to help others!

Now excuse me. I’ve got to go vomit and then get two boys ready for school before I leave for work and leave Dad to captain this vessel today, bless him…but wow! I’ve got a junior high and a high school kid! Yikes!

Author: momcrafty

First off...I ain't no crafty person...if you've come for sewing tips, move along...nothing to see here. The occasional project for the kids where i tell them "to just hold it like that and people won't see that wonky bit". Altho maybe I am crafty in the "see if I can get the hubby to think it's his idea" sense. Yep! I'll admit I'm crafty there! But I am most definitely a Mom (and also a Mum as my eldest still prefers the English way to the American that my youngest has "toadally" embraced). And I love being their Mom! They are awesome kids. Chalk and cheese and peas in a pod! And they love bloody Minecraft. Building blocks, infinite possibilities, making mistakes but just starting again or trying a different way and a bit of fun altho I prefer good old country or 80's music to that soporific tune Minecraft drives me crazy with. Hence the clever pun. That and I couldn't think of a suitable Star Wars alternative.

3 thoughts on “The Times They are A Changing”

  1. How’s the return gone? My pair of boys are going back into y1 and y4 in 10 days and I’m too calm still. The panic will probably set in next weekend. Small boy is most worried about being separated from his brother all day after 5 solid months permanently his company.


    1. Denial lol! Don’t worry, the panic will come! Hopefully, it’ll be as redundant as mine was tho. They’ve had a good first week. Missed a couple of zooms because the link was tucked away but the teacher contacted us after 2 classes to check we were ok. A couple of other minor IT issues but on the whole, they’ve adapted well. We’ll see when the real teaching starts but they’re not moaning anymore than they ever did before in class. They’ve not yet been left alone while we both go to work so that’ll be another test but I’m feeling more confident than I was. Yr 1 is a big wrench anyway, poor fella. I wish it was different for them but it’s nowhere near as bad as I was imagining it would be…good luck to you and your lads for the new school year🍀😊

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