Field trip!!

Alex woke up excited this morning. It’s his 5th grade field trip today to the science museum downtown. You know how my boys love science. I was kinda excited too as this meant I got to pack his lunch in one of them brown paper bags just like in the movies.

Joshie, however…well, Joshie was gutted and reminded us all morning he loves science too and apparently it’s “no fair” he doesn’t get to go as well! One day sir….

A quick pic commemorating Alex’s last elementary school field trip. Say Cheese although Tough Cheddar seems more appropriate for Joshie.

We never saw these swans before but we did get out into nature yesterday

Turns out kids have resolved their  Minecraft argument and hubby’s having a snooze on the sofa so I am actually free to waste a bit more time on here! Yay! Still don’t know how to change the pics so you’ll have to bear with me.

Alex graduated Cub Scouts yesterday so we headed 100 or so miles west to Gonzales State Park for their campout. Sadly (or luckily) Joshie came down with a stinking cold so we wimped out of the camping bit. It pretty much rained all day so although the boys were initially disappointed, waking up warm and dry and within easy access to the Xbox this morning they were relieved. It was a lovely day despite the weather: a hike, some football, making fire and as much noise with their friends as they possibly could. Alex got his “Arrow of Light” which I had lovingly crafted (if lovingly means an excess of cursing and return trips to Hobby Lobby) in a dramatic but sweet ceremony and was welcomed into the world of Boy Scouts complete with face paint, flaming arrows and native American head dress…I said it was dramatic!

Proud of my boy for his efforts although Joshie is after crafting his own arrow now that he can put his own science awards on…wants to go looking for suitable materials for one but I’m knackered and after making Alex’s, I’m all arrowed out!


Cleaning the pots after making brownies

Boot camp

Making fire

Football without feet

First blog post…yikes!

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

So I’m cheating on Facebook! Like Ross, I think we’re just on a break but my kids keep doing funny stuff and I need to share but can’t face the political stories that just filled up my newsfeed so I’ve finally decided to hook up with WordPress. 

Never blogged before. No idea what I’m doing or who’s reading but think it may be fun. Not sure how I’ll get on without hearing everyone else’s stories though. I’m at heart, a nosey person and loved seeing what y’all were up to and the crazy cat videos. I’ll miss those too.

But I was an addict and knew an hour after deactivating my account I’d done the right thing as I wanted to post “proud I’ve survived an hour without Facebook-did ya miss me?” It’s now been a week that I’ve been ‘clean’ and I’ve just about stopped thinking in “statuses” but I’ve missed not being able to share the boys’ adventures so here goes…altho not quite now as I’ve ironically been on WordPress too much this morning and now the kids are arguing over Minecraft! 

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