Meet the Team

Team Momcraft was founded in 1998 by Rich but he says I started it. We expanded the team in 2006 with the arrival of Alex and later, in 2009 Joshie joined us. Team Momcraft was completed in 2015 with the excellent addition of Loki.

Alex and Josh: Excellent additons to the team.

Responsibilities include monitoring all You Tube content and ensuring various game consoles are in full working order. In charge of empty plate and bottle distribution around the house. Josh has extra responsibilities for his excellent bread making skills-no joke! Alex is chief music technologist. Equal responsibility for senior management team’s grey hair but also their huge smiles: they make us proud every day!

Rich: CEO of Team Momcraft

In charge of moral and financial support. Senior support worker for all STEM based projects undertaken by Team Momcraft. Literate in all PC, PS, Nintendo and Xbox applications and fully supports their sales growth. Very resistant to social media and alarm clocks.

Emma: Actual CEO of Team Momcraft

In charge of Human Resources with expert experience in managing the team’s time management, food procurement and its distribution. Responsible for successfully hiding the bin in the same place every day so no one knows where it is!

And introducing the final member of Team Momcraft, Loki:

Responsibilities include doorbell notification, crumbs and leftovers disposal, ensuring the sofas he was never supposed to be allowed on are comfortable and insulated with dog hairs. Incredible ability to hear crisp packets being opened and chief comforter. Most likely to be nominated for any pirate costume opportunities.

All team members keep Team Momcraft a happy team. When we’re not bickering or ignoring each other on our devices, we laugh a lot and I couldn’t imagine being part of a better team!

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