I want it that way

Bonus midweek edition!

So me and rice have never gotten on. Yes rice. Not Rich. I get on with him ok but rice has always been my nemesis. Rich is always equally amazed and appalled that I am able to undercook yet also overcook the same plate of rice I serve him. A single grain can have a soggy thick exterior that hides a tiny nugget of solidity, like an annoying pip. He says it’s my special skill but somehow I never feel like he’s complimenting me. I’ve followed the instructions on the packet. I’ve asked my buddy whose an expert rice cooker. Yet still, it’s usually a gloopy mess of a sticky concrete type substance that ends up on our plates.

This week I happened across a video on the book of faces where a man was distraught when watching a rice cooking demonstration. I felt immediate shame. Whilst I wasn’t guilty of all of her apparent transgressions, I had been known to commit a couple of her offenses in my quest for edible rice.

Tonight I’d promised them chilli and rice. I would not let this fella down. I would not let my family down. This would be the first chilli and rice where the chilli would not serve as camouflage for my badly cooked rice.

He said to put water in up to your first finger joint so I stuck my finger in and measured. Should the finger go in after you’ve put the rice in…erm…water should be boiling so after some consideration and for safety’s sake I decided he probably meant when cold before boiling! He didn’t say how big your pan should be or if you were cooking for four or forty so I poured a guesstimate of rice for us all in. Then I tried to remember to follow the directions my other dear rice cooking friend had given me and crossed my fingers.

Twenty minutes later I ran excitedly through to the bathroom and showed Rich the video. I then declared that I thought I’d cracked it this time. He surprised me by asking if he should get out the bath then. Why on earth would he need to get out the bath? “Well, I’m guessing Em, if the rice is cooked then dinner’s ready?”


So next time I cook perfect rice, I’m going to see if I can remember to cook it at the same time as the chilli so we can have them both warm! I want it that way! But it was perfectly cooked rice otherwise. Cold but perfectly cooked!

https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10100418249224182&id=218102317 Never put a link in my blog before so not sure it’ll work but here’s the video of the angry rice reviewer!